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CNC Plasma Cutter Services

Sunflower Door

This beautiful door has multiple sunflowers cutout via CNC, and painted a nice yellow.


U of A Grill

A grill perfect for the avid football watcher features a U of A style A, perfectly cutout by a CNC Machine.

grill cnc

Geometric Gate

This rusted geometric gate features CNC cutouts along the right side. Making it perfect for any modern to rustic Arizona home.

geometic gate cnc

Western Door

This gorgeous western door design features multiple CNC cut out designs including Cactus, an Ocotillo plant, a rabbit and a family of Javelinas.    

Western door cnc

Star Gate

This rustic design features tastefully placed stars near the handle, the stars cut via CNC machine add a magical feel to the gate.

star cutout gate cnc

Sonoran Desert Door

A stunning Sonoran Desert themed door featuring CNC cutouts of a Saguaro cactus, and Aloe Vera, and an Ocotillo plant.

sonoran desert door cnc
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