Gil's Welding and Fabrication, LLC

A true Blessing to serve 

This all started when I first grabbed a MiG gun. The feeling of being able to turn metal into anything you can imagine really sparked something inside of me. Now I spend my days searching for the opportunity to fabricate my clients dreams into reality. I love being challenged and coming up with solutions. The doors in this page I have named Carolina doors this is my oldest daughters middle name. I built these doors in an exchange for a ball room I couldn't afford. Now they sit there every ingle day as a reminder to my self  what we are capable if we just set our mid to it.  This started as dream and turned into something amazing. I Just cant see my self doing anything else with my life. I  love the satisfaction of completed a project for my clients and there reactions are always more than what I can ask for.  It is truly a blessing to be able to do something your truly proud of.

Carolina doors_edited.jpg